Data Quality Reporting Tool

Data Quality Reporting Tool

The Data Quality Reporting Tool is used to present customer records with data quality issues to your front-line staff. If a customer calls customer service or drops into a local branch the report can help to quickly identify data quality issues that need to be addressed. Having the data in the hands of the right staff means that the information can be validated while the customer is going through their normal interactions with your organisation. We can tailor the tool to capture responses and feed them back to your core customer data systems.

Data capture can include:

  • Invalid address information – i.e. doesn’t meet post-office approved format
  • Goneaway – address flagged as customer no longer there
  • Invalid Phone number
  • Invalid Email Address
  • Invalid Fax number
  • Customer has opted out of Marketing – Phone, Email, Online (for purpose of face-to-face contact, ask if it was intentional)
  • Customer is not registered for servicing their accounts online
  • Customer has not downloaded the mobile app

The possibilities are endless, it all depends upon your requirements and the availability of the data.

These reports can be delivered by the following built-in means:

  1. Printed for delivery through internal mail (posted hard-copy)
  2. Password-protected Excel Template sent through internal email (electronically)
  3. Saved to end-user specific folder (report password-protected and password emailed with tailored message)
  4. Access form (provided staff have Microsoft Access installed)
  5. Browser based Sharepoint database.

All options can be made available in the tool and delivery is as simple as a button click.

If you would like to commission your own Data Quality Reporting Tool or would like to discuss this tool in more detail please Contact Us