Onsite Service

Filematching.com services now available onsite

We can now provide this comprehensive service onsite.

We have purchased some small yet powerful servers and fitted them out with a SQL Server environment as well as all of our code libraries.

All we need is a desk and a power supply!

Close proximity will enable you to see exactly how complicated this process can be but also provide the close contact that is an important step in future data quality remediation.

It will also provide an added layer of comfort that critical customer data isn’t leaving the physical boundaries of your organisation.

If you are interested in this service either use the contact form or call our Director, James Ramsay on +46 35 65 018

** Please note: As you can imagine there are additional overheads with our onsite service. As a result the pricing will be higher than those figures expressed on our pricing page. Please advise what type of  service you are after and we can quote in advance.