Our Services

At FileMatching.com we provide a professional business service for matching, consolidating, standardising and quality-assuring your data. These services come under 3 broad categories and you can request a single service or a comprehensive overhaul of your entire customer database. Click on the links below to find out more about each service.

Finding Duplicate Customers1. Identify Duplicate Customers

A process involving matching a single customer file to itself. We check a number of pertinent fields, including concatenations of multiple fields to determine if the customer appears to be the same person in more than one record. As well as name matching, we also look at other key information including address, mobile, date of birth, gender, email, etc. We like to err on the side of caution by trying many passes using a multitude of complex rules. By doing this we can be more sure that the customers we are matching are who we think they are. We use a combination of exact match, partial match and string matching algorithms (a.k.a fuzzy matching) including edit-distance and phonetic comparisons (typographic errors, misspellings, nicknames, etc). We have a large library of fuzzy matching algorithms and we will only use those that suit your customer data and circumstances.

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Investigating data quality2. Data Quality Services

Every organisation needs to consider the quality of the customer data that it maintains. Our analysis will profile all of your desired fields and will give you a full report of the problems that we find. There are numerous diagnostics that we perform as part of this service, and at the end you will get a full in-depth report as well as individual extracts of every problem record identified.

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2-files-matched-together-100-90 3. File Matching

This is our primary service. We have a huge repository of code to format and standardise your data so that it can be matched effectively. We have 4 dedicated servers used only for our file matching routines. At the end of this service you will have not only a full extract of all records that appear to be in both files, you will also have a detailed report of all problem records and the possibilities for improving them. We can also help you to set-up data governance procedures to stop these incorrect records from occurring in future.

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